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— Next Steps —

We have another chance to stop this insane mine:

Although Cumbria County Council (CCC) unanimously granted planning permission on 31/10/19, excellent work by campaign group ‘Keep Cumbrian Coal in the Hole‘ (KCCH) led to the decision being threatened with a judicial review. West Cumbria Mining have been forced to change their planning application, and once again need to seek Cumbria County Council approval.

Time to let CCC know what we think!

Thanks to everyone that lodged an objection by the 15th June closing date. There have been many excellent arguments submitted. Even if you missed the date it may still be worthwhile to submit an objection (we’re currently checking) up until the date of the meeting (currently expected to be on 8th July). Instructions are here

However there is also another step that we can take: Please write to the councillors, both those on the “Development, Control and Regulation Committee” as well as your local councillor (if you live in Cumbria).

Writing to the councillors

Please explain to the councillors:

  1. that there is no need for WCM’s coal
  2. WCM will NOT replace 100% of the “coal that would otherwise be extracted and imported from elsewhere”
  3. the mine would cause significantly more GHG emissions than if it were NOT given permission, and
  4. the “alternative” proposed by WCM is JUST AS BAD AS WHAT THEY PROPOSED BEFORE

For more inspiration and detailed arguments check out:

Cumbria County Council contacts